Hijab Guide

At Hijab Store Online, we are familiar with the types of hijabs available and over the years, have answered numerous emails from harassed sisters who sought advice on which hijab would best suit them and their lifestyle. So, we have compiled a list of the types of hijabs available in the hope that this will make the process of selecting which hijab to wear, much easier.

Al Amira Hijab: The al-amira hijab is the beginners best friend. It is available in 2 designs, a 1 piece and a 2 piece. The 2 piece al amira hijab consists of an underscarf and a pullover piece which covers the full head, neck and upper chest and back area. The 1 piece consists of a single pullover piece which covers in exactly the same way as the 2 piece al-amira hijab. The al-amira hijab is a design which has been available for years and is still a very popular choice for many reasons.

    • The number one choice for children who are learning how to wear the hijab. Children can easily pull on the 1 piece al amira hijab and take it off without assistance from an adult. 

    • The perfect choice for those ladies who are new to the hijab as they do not have the stress of worrying that it will become undone or have the bother of styling a rectangle hijab. 

    • The ideal choice for wearing as a sports hijab as the al amira hijab will stay in place without the need for pins. 

    • The easiest hijab to wear out of all the hijabs available.

Kuwaiti Hijab:  The kuwaiti hijab is the next step up from an al-amira hijab in the sense that is is a ready made design with the option of adding your own style to your hijab. The kuwaiti hijab consists of a rectangle hijab with a ready made bonnet on one end. The bonnet is pulled on over your head, this keeps the hijab secure and your hair covered. You are then left with a long rectangle piece which trails off under the chin. Here, you are free to experiment with wrapping your hijab however you wish, with the addred reassurance that the bonnet has covered your hair and neck.

Square Hijab:  The square hijab is simply that, a square piece of fabric, available in plain, print and decorative designs. The square hijab, like the rectangle hijab, is a matter of preference although bear in  mind that a square hijab provides less coverage than a rectangle hijab. The square hijab is perfect for wearing on top of abayas and jilbabs and can reduce the amount of bulk around your neck.

The basic way to wear a square hijab is by folding the square hijab diagonally along the centre so you are left with a triangle. Centre the long part of the triangle (where the fold is) along your forehead, bring the two sides together under your chin and secure with a pin. Square hijabs which are decorated with beads and sequins, are usually done so on one corner so when wearing a square hijab in the above style, ensure that the decorated part of the hijab falls behind your back. 

At Hijab Store Online, we also offer the Hijab Shaper, which is perfect for square hijabs so you can create a curved peak at the front, along the fold

Velcro Hijab:  This is a design that is exclusive to Hijab Store Online and the full guide to this can be found in the Hijab Guide menu on the left hand side. The velcro hijab is a triangle hijab with a stiffened peak at the front. Using the velcro pieces on each end, you fasten these behind your neck to give you a triangle hijab that is now secure and neat. Perfect for beginners or for those who require a ready made, easy to wear hijab with no bulk.

Rectangle Hijab:  While all the above types of hijabs have their place and serve many sisters all over the world, the rectangle hijab is the one hijab that allows you to unleash your own true style. It is the rectangle hijab which is available in thousands of designs, plain, patterned, print, sequin, decorative and hundreds more.Yet it is the one hijab that is the hardest to master, especially if you are new to hijab.

Ask any sister and there will be one or two styles which she could probably do in her sleep using the rectangle hijab. We all have our own preferences and so the advice for sisters wearing a rectangle hijab for the first time, it would be to pick one simple style and to practice that for a few weeks. You will slowly start to see how adept your hands and fingers become at wrapping your hijab and it will be this acquired skill that will lead you along the path of experimenting with new styles.