About Us

My name is Roz and my passion is making things, especially on my sewing machine. With hundreds of fabric available on every high street, I get excited just thinking about all the endless possibilities of what I can create for you to wear.

I have been selling ready made hijabs online for over 10 years and have been selling handmade hijab and hijabs pins for just as long. With so many off the shelf hijabs available, I've found my customers looking for something a little different, something that's made to last, looks good and is current. 

When you buy any hijab or accessory from Hijab Store Online, you can be sure that you are buying quality hijabs. Many of the hijabs, such as the plain maxi hijabs, print maxi hijabs, pashmina hijabs, ninja inner underscarves and many more that we offer are exactly the same as you'll find on any other hijab store at double or triple the price. We firmly believe in providing a service to our fellow Sisters in helping you fulfil your beliefs in wearing the hijab.

May Allah reward us all for our efforts. Ameen.

Roz xx