My Favourite Hijab

I've seen and tried nearly every type of hijab I've ever sold and my daughters have also enjoyed wearing each new design as they were introduced. It's been a wonderful experience over the years learning about the different types of fabric and how easy or difficult the fabric is to handle whilst going about my day. And I use that experience to determine the type of hijabs I think you will love and wear and to then offer them on the website.

My hijab drawer still has hijabs that are many years old which I tend to bring out more for comfort rather than function. But my favourite hijab has to be the cotton jersey hijab. Jersey hijabs are so functional and practical, they aren't slippery like chiffon so you don't need an underscarf unless preferred, they're suitable for every season so you can wear them all year round, they drape beautifully and are also suitable for a wide range of hijab styles.

Fabric plays a very important part when deciding which hijab to wear and everyone rightfully has their own preference. We are beginning to focus more on natural fabrics such as cotton, rayon and linen, hijabs that are versatile and durable and feel great against the skin.

We've had a huge delivery of these types of hijabs and I'm so looking forward to introducing them all to you and I hope you'll love them as much as we do!

Roz xx