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We call these elastic hijabands or hijab bands, you will know these as head bands, alice bands, kylie bands or hair bands. Whatever the name, they have many benefits for your hijab:

Where head bands and elastic headbands are tradionally worn over the hair, you can also use these to simply wear over your underscarf or hijab and finish wrapping, giving you a 'hijaband'. The design then merges into your hijab wrap, giving you a look that looks like it took forever but can be done in seconds.

Quick and easy to wear, simply slip on over your bonnet or underscarf, then wrap your hijab round so the decoration on the hijab band peeks out. Alternatively, place your hijab over the head, put the hijab band on and finish wrapping your hijab so the decorative part of the hijab band is on display at the front. And you're done!

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